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Account Protection

The program includes special logic and tools to minimize the risk of getting your account suspended for abuse of MySpace or Facebook service.
You, as a sole user of this software, are fully responsible for your actions and activities using the software.

Early notification
Whenever the program detects a warning from the social website that your account is about to be blocked, it will stop and display an error. At this point you should stop with this action for about a day.

Warnings are detected when performing actions manually and when executing tasks automatically, for full protection.

Tools for protection
There are several tools and hints you can use to be better protected.

All social networks have daily limits applied to their accounts. You should always stay below your limits or your account will be disabled.

The currently known limit for MySpace is about 350-400 friend requests, messages and comments per account per day.
For Facebook, the limit is about 40 friend requests and 40 messages per account per day. There seems to be no limitation on invitations to pages, groups and events.

The program includes tools to help you stay off your limits. On every page in the program you have a Max limit box where you can enter the maximum amount of friend requests or messages you want to be sent. The program will count only the successfully sent requests and will automatically stop after reaching the set limit. This applies to both manually and automatically (scheduled) executed tasks. For scheduled tasks, you need to set the limit before scheduling the task.

You can monitor the amount of friend requests, messages, comments and invitations you have sent for each account at the Accounts page.

The program has a Pause option, which can be configured centrally at the Settings page. You can define the pause interval for which to sleep between operations and a randomization factor to add a sense of human behavior.

The recommended settings for MySpace are about 30 seconds pause interval and 20% randomization
The recommended settings for Facebook are at least 60 seconds pause interval, 120 being even better, and 20% randomization

Text variants
For all text content you send with your messages, requests and invitations, you can define several different variants. In all text boxes where you see the small +/- control buttons you can add alternative variants of your message.

This feature minimizes the chance of considering your messages as SPAM due to duplicate content. Facebook is especially sensitive to repetitive and duplicate messages.

Text content
You should be very careful about the content of your messages and invitations. Social networks run automated and sophisticated algorithms over the text of your messages to ensure that you are not sending protected or abusive content. If you are found to send inappropriate content, your account will be blocked. If the people you are addressing find your messages as unsolicited or abusive, they will flag your account and it will be suspended again.

Variable substitution
This feature allows you to personalize your messages by including the person's real name or location.

In your text you put placeholders, called variables, which are automatically replaced with the user's details. It is possible to define a text to be placed if the user information is not available.

Read more about Variable Substitution.

Should you have any problems installing and running the suite, please email our 24/7 support line at support@ocommunity.net.

Thank you for using our product.
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