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This page allows you to define multiple social network accounts to use with this program at the same time.

Each account remembers and keeps all settings and options that you have entered in all pages. The people you have send add requests, messages, comments and invitations are also tracked and remembered on per account basis. If you remove an account from the program, all settings and lists of tracked users will be lost.

Add accounts
To add a new account, fill in the required field and click the Add button. A popup window will open for you to enter your login credentials.

The Nickname field is just a free descriptive text to identify a particular account. You can enter there whatever you like.
Under Email address you should enter the email which is actually your username.

The Password field is your password to the website. We care about your privace and the program does not keep your password in plantext.

The Pause strategy field specifies how this account will pause between iterations. The following options are available.

  • Default settings - this account will use the default options specified at the Settings page
  • No pause - no pause will be applied for any operation executed under this account
  • Custom interval - this account will use a custom interval and randomization percent, as specified in the fields below

The Proxy strategy field specifies if and how this account will use proxies, configured at the Settings :: Proxies page. The following options are available.

  • Default strategy - this account will use the strategy specified at the Settings :: Proxies page
  • No proxy - no proxy will be used for this account
  • System proxy - this account will use the System proxy or none if no system proxy is configured
  • Consecutive proxy from the list - this account will be assigned a new proxy from this list in consecutive order
  • Random proxy from the list - this account will be assigned a new proxy from this list in random order
If the Consecutive proxy or Random proxy strategy is specified, and the Save and reuse proxy until Account reset option is not selected, the account will be assigned a new proxy at every login. In other words every login will be from a different proxy.

If the reuse proxy option is selected, then the same proxy will be used, until the account is reset manually using the Reset button.

Remove accounts
To remove an account, just select that account from the list and click the Remove button

Edit accounts
To edit an account select it from the list and click the Update button. The three fields will be filled with the information for the selected account. Make your changes to any of the fields and click on the Update button to save your changes.

Reset accounts
The Reset button logs out of the current account (if it's logged in) and resets all the persistent information, like cookies, sessions, etc that is currently kept for the account.

In addition, the proxy server in use is released and according to the proxy strategy configured for the account, another proxy server is selected. See Settings :: Proxies for more information.

Security bypass
The Security button allow you to configure automatic bypass of security verifications for the currently selected account, if supported for its social network. Currently, MySpace No More CAPTCHA and Facebook Security Question are supported.

MySpace No More CAPTCHA is an option in the old MySpace website to avoid CAPTCHA codes by verifying your account with your mobile phone. Using the Security button you can do the verification and remove all CAPTCHA codes required by MySpace.

Facebook Security Question is a way to verify your account should Facebook think it has been abused. Often when you login from a device or browser unknown to Facebook, it asks you to complete a verification - either by phone or answering the security question. Our software can be sometimes recognized as unknown device and when Facebook asks for verification, the automatic login will fail. Using the Security button you can enter the answer to your security question, so the software can automatically answer it when required and ensure all your tasks can be performed unattended.

It's best to disable any strict security checks for your accounts, for example to disable Login Approvals in Facebook, under Account Settings/Security. This will allow the software to perform as many automatic actions as possible.

Active account
Only one of the configured accounts can be active at a time in the program.

You choose the active account from list of accounts. Use the Login button to check whether you have entered the correct information about this account. You are not required to explicitly using this button every time you use the program. If you have not logged in the current account yet, the program will automatically log you in with the first operation you perform.

You cannot add, remove, edit accounts and change the current account if you are logged in to it. If you are logged in, click the Logout button to be logged out of the website.

Importing accounts
Accounts can be imported in bulk from an external file. The Import button is enabled only if importing accounts is permitted by the current license (a Maximum license is required).

Two file formats are supported

Plain text file, with the following format

For example
Download this example here.

Comma separated values (CSV) file, with the following format

The type, alias, username and password fields are required. All the other fields are optional and can be empty. The fields are not required to be present in any particular order.

For example (note that the first header line must always be present)
Download this example here.

MySpace Facebook Accounts MySpace Facebook Track Already Added Messaged Invited Users MySpace Facebook Edit Account
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Should you have any problems installing and running the suite, please email our 24/7 support line at support@ocommunity.net.

Thank you for using our product.
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