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Facebook Add Friends

This feature allows you to quickly add friends by sending them add requests.

How does it work
You need to have a list of people to add loaded into the user list on the right. Typically, you would have collected these people using one of the search methods at the User Search page.

If you wish, you can enter a short note to be send together with your friend request.
It is strongly recommended to always include a note with your adds. This makes it more personal and less likely that people will flag your request as spam.

If you want the program to remember people who you have already requested as friends, select the Track added users option. The program will save all users it has send a request to, so that you never request a person twice.

If you want to skip people who you have already sent a friend request to, select the Skip already added users option. With this option enabled, the program will never send a friend add request to a person that you have already requests previously through this account. Note that you will be able to send an add request to this person from another account configured in the program. To skip and ignore all people you have added from all accounts configured in the program, select also the Skip already requested users and friends in all accounts.

When you are ready with your selection, click the Start button to start requesting the selected users as friends.

Currently, the known limit for friend requests per day is about 40. You should not try to add more than 40 friends per account per day or you risk getting your account suspended for abuse of Facebook services.

It is strongly recommended that you always use the Pause option with interval of at least 2 minutes (120 seconds) and 20% randomization. This will ensure proper protection of your account.

Read more about Account Protection

Facebook Add Friends
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