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Facebook Cancel Pending Friend Requests

This feature allows you to easily cancel your unapproved and pending friend requests you have sent to people.

How does it work
You need to get the list of all your pending and unapproved friend requests first, by using the Calculate button.
The only way to get the list of pending requests is to calculate them using the tracking information already stored in the software or to check a list of users whether you have requested them in the past. For the tracking method to work, you must have requested people through the software with the Track requested users option enabled at the Request Friends page.

Select either the Tracked users information or External user list option. If you select the use a user list, you need to load a list of people to check in the Users with possible pending requests table.

When you are ready, click the Calculate button and the software will extract all known pending requests.

To remove all tracking information about the users whose requests will be canceled, select the Remove from 'Already requested users' tracking list option. With the tracking information removed, the software will allow you to add those people again, should you want to do that in the future. All tracked lists are available at the Accounts page.

When you have a list of pending friend requests in the Unapproved friend requests table, click the Start button to cancel the selected friend requests now.
Click the Schedule button to schedule the automatic cancellation of the selected requests.

Currently, there is no confirmed information about any limitations to using this feature.

Facebook Cancel Pending Friend Requests
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