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Facebook Join Groups

This feature allows you to automatically join open groups and send join requests to closed groups.
The software automatically detects the privacy type of the groups (open or closed) and

How does it work
You can join a group directly by its ID or URL. Enter the ID of the group or its Facebook URL into the ID or URLfield.

You can also join a list of groups, loaded from an external file in a comma-separated-values (CSV) format. This file could have been saved from a previous search using the Search Groups page. You can select one of more groups at the same time.

When you have entered the group ID or URL, or loaded a list of groups into the table, you are ready to send the wall post.

Click the Start button to join the group(s) now.
Click the Schedule button to schedule your group joining for automatic and unattended sending.

Currently, there is no confirmed information about any limitations to joining groups.

It is strongly recommended that you always use the Pause option with interval of at least 1 minute (60 seconds) and 20% randomization. This will ensure proper protection of your account.

Read more about Account Protection

Facebook Join Groups
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