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Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages have the concept of representing businesses, companies, celebrities, bands, places and other entertainment or community-related entity.
Pages are not personal and there is no identity associated with them.

Pages are static and passive entity in Facebook. They can't have friends and cannot communicate with other entities - people and other pages. People need to find the page and like it, in order to become fans. There is no way for the page to actively promote itself and populate its fan base.

For a page to be able to effectively communicate, it has to be backed up by a personal account. From this personal account, page admins can promote their pages by the use of Sending Messages and Inviting Friends to Pages.

Program support
oCommunity Suite supports pages through a personal account or profile. If you have a Page which is not linked to a personal account, you can't use it in the program.

Creating profiles is easy - Facebook provides a link "Create Profile" at every page's homepage. If you already have a personal account, you can make yourself and Administrator of the page - then you can invite your friends to become fans and promote the page using messages.

If you try to login with your Facebook Page-only account in the program, it will display a warning message and will refuse to login.

Facebook Questions and Answers
See the following sections in Facebook Help

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