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Facebook Search Applications

This feature will allow you to search all Facebook applications and extract their fans - people who liked and potentially use them.

How does it work
A new and improved implementation of this feature will be available soon.

First you need to find the ID of the application you are interested in. On of the ways to easily find any application's ID is by opening it's homepage and clicking on its profile image, at the upper-left corner. There, at your browser's address bar, you will see the application ID as the big number after the id= part of the URL.

This is an example of the Reviews page URL of the Facebook for iPhone application. The Application ID is 6628568379

When you have the Application ID, open the Search Posts page in the program and paste the ID into the User ID field.

You need to define the time interval you want the application's wall searched in. Available options are:

  • Today
  • Last two days
  • Last week
  • Last month
  • All

You have options to specify whether to extract only users who have posted on the wall or also include people who have commented on posts and people who liked posts.

When you are ready with your selection, click the Search button to start searching.

Facebook Search Application Users
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