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Facebook Steal Friends

This feature allows you to get all your friends of friends of other users.

How does it work
Select which friends you want to collect. You can choose between your own friends with various options, or enter the user ID or URL of the person you want to get the friends of. You can upload a list of users to get their friends at once.

The fields in the Search Options section allow you to search for friend in specific categories or other criteria.

My own friends
This option will collect all your friends.

My own friends from lists
With this option you can get all friends that you have assigned to lists. Select a friend list from the drop-down menu.

Friends of users in the list
You can get all friends of multiple users at once. Load a list of people into the Users to Steal Friends From table on the right. The program will collect all friends of the people you select from this table.

Friends of user ID or URL
If you want to get the friends of another user, select the Friends of user ID or URL option. You need to enter the ID of the user you want to get the friends of or paste their profile URL.

Friends with birthdays
This option allows you to get the list of pending birthdays for your friends. Select the time period to search for birthdays from the drop-down menu. The available options are:

  • Last week
  • Yesterday
  • Today
  • In 2 days
  • In a week
  • In a month
  • On a date
  • Between dates

When you are ready with your selection, click the Search button to start collecting the friends of the selected users.

Facebook Steal Friends Birthdays
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