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Facebook Subscribe To

This feature allows you to subscribe to and unsubscribe from other people's posts.

How does it work
You can choose to either subscribe to people's posts and unsubscribe from your existing subscriptions. Choose either of the options and the table on the right will change to either list the people you want to subscribe to or to the list of your current subscriptions.

To keep track of all users you have subscribed to, select the Track subscribed users checkbox. To skip all users who you have already subscribed to, select the Skip users already subscribed to checkbox.

To skip all users who you have subscribed to in any account configured in the program, select the Skip users already subscribed to in all accounts checkbox.

You need to have enabled tracking first, so that the program had remembered the users, before you could skip them.

You need to have a list of users in the table at the right, either collected using a search or loaded from a file.

When you have selected all the options, you are ready to subscribe.

You need to have collected the list of your current subscriptions in the table at the right, by clicking the Get Own Subscriptions button.

The tracking options are not available when unsubscribing.

Click the Start button to perform your subscriptions.
Click the Schedule button to schedule your subscriptions for automatic and unattended sending.

You can monitor the progress and how the program is handling your subscriptions in the Actions & Progress section.

The table with the list of users on the right will reflect each user's state immediately.

Facebook Subscribe To
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