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Working with the software

Main flow
Basically, you do what you normally do on a social community site. You search for people, then communicate with them.

The principle behind the program is exactly the same. You search for people first, using one of the search methods provided in the User Search page. After you have found and selected the people you want to address, you use one of the communication methods in the Friends, Communicate and Invitations pages.

Let's find and add some new friends at Facebook.

Assuming we have already configured our account in the program, first we need to find some people to add as our friends. Since we like "American Idol", we want to find other people who like it too and ask them to become friends with. We want to be friends with people who are active, participate actively in Facebook. Also, since we live in Los Angeles, California, we want to make friends with people from this area only.

For this we first use the Search Posts tab at the User Search page in the program to find people who have recently posted on "American Idol" Facebook Page. We paste the URL of the Page into the User ID or URL field, set the Timeframe drop-down box to One week and limit the results to 2,000. We also select the Include people who commented on posts and Include people who liked posts to get more results.
Then we click the Search button to start collecting the list of our potential friends.

After a while the program is finished and we have a list of 1,326 people (in our example) who definitely like "American Idol" and are also active on Facebook. Then we open the Filter Details page to further filter the results and find only the people who live in LA. We set the state to "California" and country to "United States", while leaving the other fields empty or to their "All" value. After clicking the Preview button, the program filters the list down to 40 people living in California. That's too much for us, so we enter "Los Angeles" into the city field and click the Preview button again to shrink our list down to 4 people. We can do this as many times we need to. Clicking the Reset button removes the filter and reloads our original list of 1,326 people back. When we are satisfied with the result, we click the Apply button to finally (and irreversibly) apply our filter.

Now we can proceed to add those people as our friends. For this we open the Request Friends tab at the Friends page in the program. There we enter a short note to be sent together with our requests. Then we click the "Start" button to start sending the friend requests.

Check the screenshots on the right for visual representation of this example.

Every social networking website has its applied limits. This software obeys these limits and has not way of overcoming them.

For example, MySpace has a limit of about 350-400 add requests sent per account per day. For Facebook this number is around 50. After this limit, you risk getting your account suspended for abuse.

The program detects early warnings from the websites and displays a warning message in its log area to warn you about the situation. At this point you should stop the activities you are peforming in order to protect your account from being blocked.

Facebook Search Wall Posts Example Facebook Filter Details Example Facebook Add Friends Example
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Should you have any problems installing and running the suite, please email our 24/7 support line at support@ocommunity.net.

Thank you for using our product.
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