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MySpace Add Friends

Use this tab to request people to accept you as their friends. This is typically known as sending friend add requests.

Make sure you have a list of people loaded into the List of users table. You can do that by either performing a search from the User Search page, or loading a previously saved list. Select the people who you would like to add as friends, i.e. send add requests to. If you do not select anything, then you would send requests to all people in the list.

If you want the program to remember people who you have already requested as friends, select the Track added users option. The program will save all users it has send a request to, so that you never request a person twice.

If you want to skip people who you have already sent a friend request to, select the Skip already added users option. With this option enabled, the program will never send a friend add request to a person that you have already requests previously through this account. Note that you will be able to send an add request to this person from another account configured in the program. To skip and ignore all people you have added from all accounts configured in the program, select also the Skip already requested users and friends in all accounts.

You can send a message along with the friend add request. To do that, select the Send a message with each add option. Go to the Communication page, Send Messages tab to configure the message options - subject and body. If you have chosen to send a message, you can enable tracking of people who you have already messaged by selecting the Track and skip already messaged users. The program will remember the people you have send a message to, and will skip through these who you have already messaged in previous sessions. Note that this also applies only for the current account. If you have sent a message to a user from this list, from another account also configured in the program, then the program will allow you to send this person a message again.

MySpace have applied some security features when sending add requests, by requesting users to enter CAPTCHA codes after sending several friend add requests. The program has a built-in bypass for these code and you don't need to enter them. If you have any particular reason to want to enter the codes, deselect the Bypass security codes (Captcha) option (this option is currently always selected and you cannot deactivate the captcha bypass).

You can schedule the sending of friend add requests for later by clicking on the Schedule button. For more information about scheduling of tasks and how that works, please see the Scheduling page.

Should you have any problems installing and running the suite, please email our 24/7 support line at support@ocommunity.net.

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