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MySpace Send Comments

Use this tab to post comments to people's homepages at MySpace. This feature is limited only to people who you are a friend of; you cannot post a comment to someone that you are not a friend of.

You need to fill in the Body field; it's mandatory. Some people do not accept comments in HTML. The program provides you an option to specify both an HTML and a plain-text comment. First an HTML comment will be attempted, and if the person does not accept HTML, then the plain-text version will be posted.

If you want to keep track of people you have sent comments to through this account, select the "Track commented users". The program will remember all users you have posted a comment to. Later, when you have a list of people collected from a search results for example or a saved list, and want to make sure that you don't post a second comment to the same people again, just check the "Skip commented users" option.

Note that already commented users are tracked on per account basis. This means that if you post a comment to a group of people from one account, then the program will allow you to post another comment to the same people again, from another account. To prevent that, select the "Skip commented from all accounts" option (this option is currently disabled).

MySpace have applied some security features when posting comments, by requesting users to enter CAPTCHA codes after sending several comments. Unfortunately there is no way to automatically bypass this security codes at the moment. Whenever MySpace requests the code, you will be presented with a popup dialog box with the code image, where you can enter the code manually.

You can schedule the posting of this comment for later by clicking on the Schedule button. However, due to the lack of security code bypass for comments, it's not feasible to schedule posting of comments as a task. For more information about scheduling of tasks and how that works, please see the Scheduling page.

Should you have any problems installing and running the suite, please email our 24/7 support line at support@ocommunity.net.

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