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All of the program's central properties and settings are configured at the Settings page.

Account Protection
At this section you configure options relevant to your accounts protection on online community websites.

We take your account safety very seriously. The program includes several algorithms to minimize the risk of getting your account suspended or flagged.

The Pause option should be used at all times. If this option is enabled, the program pauses for the specified number of seconds after each operation (sending a friend request, message, etc). This option has two major benefits:
- Reduces the load on the website, which results in better experience by all users worldwide, youself included.
- Minimize the risk of your account being suspended for performing tasks too fast for a human. Some websites detect the rate at which pages are opened and can detect that you are using a program to do the job for you.

The Randomize option help to spread the pause intervals and to mimic human behavior.

A recommened interval to Pause is somewhere between 30-60 seconds, with 20% randomization.

This section configures how the program handles CAPTCHA codes.

You should always have the Pop up a dialog box to enter codes manually checkbox selected. When a captcha code is requested, the program will display a popup dialog box for you to enter the code. If this option is not selected, the program will stop the current operation unless you have a CAPTCHA Services account configured and enabled.

If you have a CAPTCHA Services account, select the Enable CAPTCHA Services checkbox and enter your service key at the Service key field. You can use the Check Status button to verify your current state and available credits.

The statistics table shows you information about:
- total credits you have in your account
- used credits which have been deducted from your account for each successfully avoided captcha code
- remaining credits you have in your account
- total number of captcha codes attempted with this account and the number (in brackets) of successfully avoided ones

If you do not have an account yet, click on the Purchase CAPTCHA Service Credits button. It will take you to our website where you can read in more details about this service and order credits.

You can configure to be notified when the program completes a task. Available options are to bounce the taskbar icon (available on Max OS X only), beep when the operation is complete or play an MP3 file.

User Details
To have the program automatically get additional details about all users when performing searches, select the Automatically get additional user details when searching option. This will give you more personal information about every person you found, but will significantly slow down the searches. The additional details are used in the Filter User Details search type and when performing Variable Substitution.

The additional information includes and is not limited to age, location, email address, postal address, interests like TV, books, music, etc. For more information see the Additional User Details section.

You can also have this option switched off and get the additional details whenever you need them, by clicking the Update button at the Filter Details tab of the User Search page.

If you don't always collect the additional user details, but want to ensure that variable substitution is always done against the most up-to-date information, you can use the Always refresh user details when substituting variables. With this option turned on, the program will always download the most recent information from the respective social network before substituting any variables in your message.

Not all additional information is visible in the program. You can export and save your list of users to a Comma-Separated-Values (CSV) file from any page by clicking on the Save button and selecting Comma separated values for file format. The exported file can later be opened in any spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, etc) or loaded into Email Marketing Solutions like iContact.

When exporting user lists in comma-separated-values (CSV) format, there is an option to make the exported file Excel-friendly, so you can open it in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or any other spreadsheet program. This option is When exporting, use Excel-friendly format and is enabled by default.

When the Excel-friendly option is selected, all newline characters in the user details are automatically replaced with empty spaces.

When you have encountered a problem and need assistance, it is highly recommended that you create a snapshot of the program log files. Our support staff will analyze the logs, locate the issue and get right back to you with a solution.

Click the Create Snapshot button and a dialog box will pop up for you to select a directory where to save the generated archive. Choose a directory where you have write permissions to, for example your Documents folder.

When ready, email us this file together with a short explanation of the things you were doing when the problem occurred.

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Should you have any problems installing and running the suite, please email our 24/7 support line at support@ocommunity.net.

Thank you for using our product.
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