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Settings :: Proxies

This page allows you to add, remove and configure proxies to be used by your accounts.

List of proxies
The table contains all proxies that have been configured for use in the program. Every proxy is shown with it's hostname and post, login credentials if any, status and the time when it was last verified.

You can import and export the list of proxies using the Load and Save buttons, respectively. Two file formats are supported - Comma Separated Values (CSV) and Plain Text (TXT). Following are two examples of files in those formats.

CSV Format
# Those are comment lines and are ignored
# The following header line is mandatory to be present as the first non-comment line in the file

TXT Format
# Those are comment lines and are ignored
# The file format is user:password@host:port

You can add, remove and edit proxies by using the context menu, accessed by right-clicking on the selected proxy in the table.

System proxy
If you use a dedicated proxy server on your network to access Internet - i.e. you are in a corporate environment - you need to configure this proxy as a System proxy.

You can do that either at the proxy editing dialog box or by choosing the Set proxy as system option from the context menu.

The program can verify whether the proxies on the list can be used to access the social networks. Select the list of proxies you wish to be verified and click the Verify button.

At the proxy verification dialog box, select whether to verify all selected proxies, only those which are currently marked as Failed or only the ones which have never been verified - marked with status Unknown.

Default proxy strategy
When configuring your accounts at the Accounts page, you can specify the proxy strategy to be used for each account. All accounts are created with Default strategy unless you change that.

The default proxy strategy to be used for all such configured accounts is configured on this page. The following options are available.

  • No proxy - no proxy will be used for those accounts
  • System proxy - those accounts will use the System proxy or none if no system proxy is configured
  • Consecutive proxy from the list - each account will be assigned a new proxy from this list in consecutive order
  • Random proxy from the list - each account will be assigned a new proxy from this list in random order

Reuse of proxies
If Consecutive or Random strategy is selected and the Reuse proxies until Account reset option is not selected, then a new proxy will be used for each new login with accounts utilizing this strategy.

If the reuse option is selected, then the same proxy will be used, until the account is reset manually using the Reset button at the Accounts page.

When this option is selected, each account will get a different proxy, but will stick to it even after the program is restarted. This way each account will seem like it's been used from a different computer and this computer will stay the same (consistent) with every login to this account. Facebook servers may detect something is wrong if one account logs in from a different place in the world several times a day.

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