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To use the software more efficiently, you can schedule tasks for later and unattended execution.

A Schedule button is available for all actions that allow to be scheduled. Generally, these are all communication actions, like sending friend requests, messages, invitations.

You configure your actions just like you do normally, as if you are going to perform them manually. Instead of clicking the Start button to immediately start the action, you click the Scheduling button.

When you click the Schedule button, a dialog box pops up for you to enter a time when the task should be scheduled for execution. You have the option to start the task after a specified time interval, exactly at a specified time or immediately after another task.

After you have scheduled your tasks, you can edit and start them at the Tasks page in the program.

Tasks List
The table shows all tasks which have been configured. For each task information about its action is displayed. You can right-click on any of the tasks in the table and use the context pop-up menu to delete or edit a task.

All tasks are automatically saved when the program is closed and reloaded on the next restart.

Running tasks
To start all scheduled tasks click the Run All button. The program will wait until the time for the first task comes and will execute it.

You cannot perform any other operations while tasks are running or waiting to be run. You can navigate through the program, but all buttons which involve actions will be disabled. This functionality will be restored once all tasks are finished.

Tasks will not be automatically started if you do not click the Run All button. Tasks will not be started when the program is closed.

If the scheduled time for some tasks has passed which the program was closed, those will not be automatically started when you restart the program. You still need to click the Run All button.

oCommunity Suite Tasks Account Chaining
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Should you have any problems installing and running the suite, please email our 24/7 support line at support@ocommunity.net.

Thank you for using our product.
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