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Privacy Policy

We apply a very strict privacy policy. This policy does not cover information collected on other web sites linked to of from www.ocommunity.net. We reserve the right to modify our privacy policy.
Personal Information
We may collect some personal information about you such as your email address and your name with your specific knowledge and consent. We will never ask you for your mailing address, or any other private information such as your social security number, passwords, etc. Our web site may occasionally send cookies to your browser. See the section about cookies below.

Your personal information will not be sold, distributed or displayed to any 3rd party or our affiliates. Neither we nor any of our affiliates will contact you in any form unless permission by you has been granted to do so. A permission is granted by your subscription to our mailing list. If permission has been granted, you will only receive the information that you requested via email. This email will only pertain to oCommunity Suite software, it will NOT be off topic or SPAM. However, we reserve the right to sell advertisements that will be appended to the email message. At any time you will be able to opt out of any mailing list that you have subscribed to.

You may have read about "cookies" - pieces of information that are placed by a Web site in a storage place on your own computer. We use cookies minimally to maintain state while you use our web site.

Our cookies may, but typically do not, contain personally identifiable information.

Some of our advertisers occasionally serve you cookies as well. We do not have control over cookies placed by advertisers.

If you don't want cookies, your Web browser likely includes an option that allows you to not accept them. However, if you set your browser to refuse cookies, some portions of www.ocommunity.net. may not function as designed.

Anonymous data
While your individual information is protected as outlined above, we reserve the right to use aggregated anonymous data about our users as a group for any business purpose, such as analyzing usage trends and seeking compatible advertisers and partners.
If you have other concerns or questions about any aspect of this policy, please contact us at info@ocommunity.net. For other contact information visit the contact page.
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